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  • Strategy
  • Identity & Packaging
  • Communication


  • Red Dot Design Award
  • iF Design Award

MellowFellows is a visually easy, breezy joy ride. We've crafted a vibrant sock brand. Injecting a playful vibe into every corporate module.

MellowFellows isn't just about socks; it's a chill state of mind. Made for all the MellowFellows out there.


Identity and packaging design for a brand of sunglasses with magnification.
The challenge was to develop a design system that combines the theme of magnification and power of vision and turns it into a holistic and dynamically scalable packaging system.


In a sea of ordinary sock brands, Mellow Fellows stands out as a breath of fresh air, inviting you to embrace a carefree adventure adorned with vibrant socks that echo the spirit of joy.


This mantra runs consistently through all the visual building touchpoints. From brand name to campaign.It instantly adds a brilliant direction for the brand. The playful patterns, exquisite colors, and captivating design visually highlight the brand's lighthearted ethos. Mellow Fellows redefines the sock experience, resonating with a diverse audience seeking more than mere footwear.

The iconic LL type captures the brand essence, seamlessly integrated into packaging and communications, defining Mellow Fellows identity at every touchpoint.

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