Drei??? — Capsule Collection

før Drei???

— Capsule Collection


  • Strategy
  • Identity
  • Packaging Design


  • German Design Award

Peter, Justus, and Bob, better known as the Drei ??? trio, undoubtedly reign as the ultimate audio drama detectives out there.

For their capsule Collection, we've crafted an identity system as thrilling and mysterious as one of their legendary audio episodes. Crack the Code.


These guys are Germany's mystery audio drama legends, captivating listeners for generations. So, we cooked up a Capsule Collection for die-hard fans like you. It's all about the branding and packaging vibe — stirring up that same mystery and suspense.


What makes a top-notch detective? hey must search for secret messages and signs in the shadows to solve the mystery. That's precisely the focus of the new presentation. Hidden codes and secrets...


An iconic mix of icons and typography forms the foundation of the new presentation, translating the theme dramatically with a clear focus on storytelling. It's like a secret language that unfolds across our designs — sometimes subtle, sometimes in-your-face bold.

The entire Capsule Collection presentation becomes a journey of discovery at every touchpoint. Whether you're digging into the digital world or exploring the packaging design, the Capsule Collection is your ticket to adventure.

Ready to crack the code?

Uncover the hidden codes within the packaging design and delve into the mysteries of the collection.

It's like a sneaky lingo woven through our designs — sometimes subtle, sometimes
in-your-face bold.

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